A 20-Day Accountability Challenge

No more excuses! This is the way to create lasting, sustainable change in your life!


At Reality-Based Leadership, we know a lot about what it takes to achieve the personal or professional goals you've set for yourself, make it stick for good, and ultimately have more success and happiness in your life.

There's no doubt you will be met with challenges and circumstances along the way, but you can succeed anyway.


Daily Emails

You'll receive a daily email for 20 days, each containing short 5-minute tasks rooted in the Reality-Based Leadership philosophy.

Tools and Techniques for Real Change

Each day we'll help you get real about your goals, ditch the drama and combat your ego, be resilient and finally commit - leading to true happiness in your life. 

Personal Stories to Keep You Inspired

You'll hear personal messages from Cy along the way with encouragement and real-life examples to help you stay on track.


It's up to me and nobody else to make the changes necessary in my life. I can't blame anyone else for being in the spot that I am in or for choosing not to change it if that's what I want.

–20-Day Challenge participant

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